This is not the time for endless intellectual waxing and pensive analysis! This is a veritable roller coaster of cheap, schlocky, bloody fun!
It’s time for cheese and blood savant Herschell Gordon-Lewis’ 1970 classic Wizard of Gore! The plot is ludicrous, the acting is terrible, and the effects look like they cost a nickel…but who cares? IT’S FUN!
Basically, a late-night television talk show host goes to a magic show. The headlining magician? Montag the Magnificent! After a couple of cheap parlor tricks and a long windy speech, the juice hits you. Montag takes an electric chainsaw to a lovely young woman in the audience. And no, she’s not in some box, the camera doesn’t simply pan away, you see it…you see it all.
Then he repairs her and everyone walks away to their cars and goes home. Next scene we see that same woman at a very posh restaurant where she literally goes to pieces. The plot thickens as more and more of Montag’s “acts” become bleeding broken realities. So it’s up to our foxy heroine and her sports-writer boyfriend to save the day!
Herchell Gordon-Lewis once said “filmmaking is a business, anyone who views it as an art form should be pitied.” He clearly makes his opinions heard in this paycheck money wagon. Everything in it screams exploitation, larger than life characters, horrific acting, and blood effects that look like third graders playing with ketchup bottles. But if you keep all this garbage in mind and turn off that troublesome “thinking” part of your brain, Wizard of Gore is a movie that’s just plain fun!
You can’t help but laugh at the supposedly shocking gore scenes, or the dialogue that has all the pith and poignance of a semi-digested ham sandwich. This is a movie that takes a level of sophistication so far down the social ladder to enjoy, it makes you ashamed of yourself for loving it, but if you dive in and embrace your inner simpleton, and have a damn good time!
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